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What are we supposed to do when there’s no surf for a while? How do I build strength, mobility and flexibility at the same time so that I can advance as a surfer? What are my options and what kind of alternative training is there,  other than the already known solutions that a gym has to offer?

We have created a specialised training program where you will find all the answers! A proposal made for surfers by surfers, based in all the latest progress and evolution that

is currently happening in our sport internationally. It is by all means a holistic approach for you who want to be ready and fit to surf at any time!

Training format

The training sessions will take place 3 times a week. Paddling sessions at the beach, skate sessions at the skatepark or on the road and strength/flexibility training sessions in outdoor spots. Duration 60’-90’min.

Maximum group capacity for each session 10 people. You can enrol yourself  in the beginning of each month. There is also the option to participate in individual sessions (drop in), with a different cost.

All props and equipment needed are included and provided by us.



Paddling is one of the most important elements of surfing. No one can disagree with that it is a fact.  We paddle with our hands as we are laying on the surfboard not only to catch a wave. We paddle to get to the lineup,  to stay in place in spite of the currents, to place our self at the right spot and get the priority. Most of the time we just paddle! Especially when we make our first steps in surfing. The muscles that are doing the work during paddling are all the muscles that are located in our back, shoulder and waist.  Strength and technique are what we are going to improve in these water training sessions, so that we are more than ready for the next surf, even if it takes a while!



Skate was born when surfers were trying to find a way to surf, even when there were no waves! Think of that and the evolution that both skate and surf has known over the past few years and you will understand why these two go together and grow together.

Right now you can skateboard at ramps, do street skate or longboard skate, downhill skate and lately surfskate. Surfskate has been widely used to train surfing outside of the water and is officially part of coach training courses all over the world.  Surfskate is the best way to reproduce the maneuvers you do in surfing. In our sessions we start from the very basics. Get familiar with the board, find your balance, generate some speed and simulate the body movements we do and intend to improve when we surf. So either if you never stepped before your foot on skateboard, either you are already  skateboarding and want to step up your surfing skills we are here to help you succeed!



Surfing is one of the most fun but also physically demanding sports. You have to be in your best condition in order to paddle hard to catch the wave, keep your balance on the board, do the drop, make the takeoff, stand up and surf and that is just the beginning! To be able to measure up to all the above a certain amount of power, explosiveness, flexibility, speed and mental toughness have to be present. You need to be ready to overcome your own self and any obstacles arise each time you catch or even try to catch a wave, each time you fall of your board and each time you need to get back on it no matter the conditions. These qualities  that every surfer craves to have, especially when things get tough, can be attained in two ways. Either by surfing all the time, either by additional on land strength training. Combining both is a norm for professional surfers, or amateurs that really like to improve their level of surfing. With the right props and guidance this is exactly what we are going to achieve together!

Our fitness experts


Ελπίδα Ευθυμίου

H Ελπίδα είναι έμπειρη Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor και surfer φυσικά! Πτυχιούχος Γυμναστικής Ακαδημίας από το Εθνικό και Καποδιστριακό Παν/μιο Αθηνών με μακρά προιστορία στα board sports όπως το wakeboard και το snowboard, Πανελλήνια πρωταθλήματα και συμμετοχές σε διεθνείς αγώνες στο ενεργητικό της.

Η εξειδίκευσή της στη Yoga έρχεται να ενισχύσει και να συμπληρώσει τα παραπάνω με τον καλύτερο τρόπο.

Η Ελπίδα πιστεύει στη δημιουργία ενός ζεστού κι φιλόξενου περιβάλλοντος όπου άνθρωποι ανεξαρτήτου ηλικίας και φυσικής κατάστασης, μπορούν να πετύχουν μέσα από την προπόνηση και τη γυμναστική, καλύτερη ποιότητα ζωής, υγεία και ευεξία. Αυτά της τα πιστεύω σε συνδυασμό με το δυναμικό χαρακτήρα  και το χιούμορ της, την καθιστούν ιδανικό μέλος της ομάδας μας.

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Η Τζίνα διδάσκει Yoga από το 2015, έχοντας στο ενεργητικό της Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hours και Yoga Alliance RYT 500 hours. Απόφοιτη ΤΕΙ από το τμήμα Διοίκησης Τουριστικών Επιχειρήσεων, δεν είναι μονάχα η μέθοδος, οι γνώσεις και  η εμπειρία της  που την κάνουν να ξεχωρίζει. Το wellness, ο σεβασμός και η αγάπη για τη φύση είναι τρόπος ζωής για εκείνη. Από τη διατροφή της, η ίδια είναι Plant based Chef (δοκίμασε κάτι από τα χεράκια της να πάθεις Σοκ!), 16 χρόνια χορτοφάγος, τα τελευταία 8 μάλιστα vegan, μέχρι και τη σχέση της με τον αθλητισμό, snowboard, τρέξιμο, βάρη, kangoo jumps και φυσικά surf!

H Tζίνα δεν χρειάζεται να μιλήσει πολύ για να σου μεταδώσει την πληροφορία, αρκεί να την παρατηρήσεις και να ακολουθήσεις το παράδειγμά της! Είναι η δασκάλα της yoga που  ότι διάθεση κι αν έχεις όταν μπεις στο μάθημά της, όσο κι αν κουραστείς, θα φύγεις από αυτό γεμάτος-η φως! Δε θα μπορούσαμε να βρούμε καλύτερους λόγους να την έχουμε στο team μας!

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Τζίνα Παπανικολάου

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