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Surfing goes hand in hand with traveling! How interesting and exciting it is to travel for surf you will find out the minute you join our surftrips! There are so many different waves all over the world waiting for you to surf them! As you are chasing waves, you will get to know better each and every place you visit and its culture, you’ll see new things, taste delicious food, gather new experiences and make new friends! You will widen your horizons, sounds like a cliché but it is true! Like in any other adventure, there are times that unexpected things can happen, especially when you are not an experienced traveler. There is where we step in to make it easier, safe, fun and unique!


In our organized surftrips we go to places we’ve been before. We are already familiar with these places and we always work with local partners. They are not only our guides but our good friends too. They share with us not just their hospitality but also their deep knowledge, about the surf, the spots, the waves and the conditions of each destination. Beyond the surf, we have arranged so that we have extra time to explore, do some sightseeing and take the best of what each place has to offer!

Are you ready for new adventures?! Check out the options below!

surf team ready to depart
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